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Patanjali Sensitive Plus 4 in 1 Toothbrush is especially useful for those who need a delicate touch on their sensitive teeth and gums. Its soft bristles tenderly dislodge food particles, remove stains and work on yellow spots, especially the ones that arise from smoking. Its angular head helps you reach the farthest corners of your mouth and clear any debris that may be sitting there. The non-slip rubberized grip gives you the right amount of control to choose how much pressure you need to apply while brushing.

Salient features of Patanjali Sensitive Plus 4 in 1 Toothbrush:
It helps you brush off the yellow enamel that forms after eating anything.
Gives you a fresh breath and keeps you revitalized for a day long.
Maintains your oral hygiene.
Its design reaches the difficult areas between the teeth giving you a sweet taste.

The direction of use:
For best results, use twice daily with other Patanjali oral health products.

Patanjali Ayurveda Sensitive Plus 4 in 1 Toothbrush Pack of 3

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